2024 Olympics in Detroit??

Posted on February 21, 2013

The United States Olympic Committee has sent letters to the mayors of the 25 largest cities and metropolitan areas in the U.S, including Detroit, to see if they are interested in making a bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

10 other cities that have expressed interest in hosting the Olympics also received letters.

In a Detroit 2020 report last August, Dave LewAllen looked at if the dream of Detroit becoming an Olympic city is realistic.

The letter to the mayors states that the staging of the Games is an “extraordinary undertaking for any city, with operating budgets in excess of $3 billion, not including costs associated with venue construction and other infrastructure.”

The letter also says requirements for an Olympic host city include:

-45,000 hotel rooms
-An Olympic Village that sleeps 16,500 and has a 5000-person dining hall
-Operations space for over 15,000 media and broadcasters
-An international airport that can handle thousands of international travelers per day
-Public transportation service to venues
-Roadway closures to allow exclusive use for Games-related transportation
-A workforce of up to 200,000